Day 96: The final nutrition update?

IMG_2274 Spin is how I started my day today: up bright and breezy, spotify on with a 170-190BPM mix and I was away. I did it before breakfast, maximum fat burn, only short 30 mins, not too hard on an empty stomach, and it set me up for the day. 


Breakfast: Banana, apple and nutella Smoothie
Lunch: home made kumara and pumpkin soup,
Dinner: chilli and brown rice

Exercise: 30 min turbo

I’m not sure if people are getting a bit bored of the daily nutrition updates. I guessed you are getting the idea now of how I am doing things, I try and exercise each day, even if it is short, if time is pressing. I don’t be too strict with myself with diet. This week I have eaten bread, chippy chips and ice cream, yet have maintained weight, so I’m happy with that.

So, for now, unless Its something people really want me to continue with, I will stop posting my daily diet for now, and continue to post daily on health, nutrition and exercise. It doesn’t mean I will stop my regime, because I won’t. I will continue, I have my balance back and I am much happier now that I have been for a long long time.


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