Day 95: motivating them, and me!

IMG_3023It’s right – what they say about exercise: it’s a positive mind tonic. I started my day today in the best two ways possible: taking a group fitness class, motivating others to excell, followed by a turbo, motivating myself to go a step further. The perfect set up for my Saturday! 


Breakfast: omelette
Lunch: quesadilla and salad, ice cream
Dinner: home made bacon and egg pie and tomatoes 

Exercise: 45 min turbo

I have to say I haven’t been all that good this week with the old nutrition, but I have constantly been honest on the blog, and I sneaky stepped in the scales today. Maintain. Got to be happy with that. It goes to show, my training level is perhaps working out better than it used to be.

We have twiddled with the wifi so now I can get it on the turbo, I didn’t used to be able to. Sweet. So today’s turbo was a motivational 170-190bpm Rock running mix. Just the job for motivating me to spin those legs faster!

My boxing ladies continue to make me proud, with their determination and drive, acceptance of instruction that takes them out of their comfort zone, allowing themselves to be surprised and stretched. That what being a PT is all about. I love my job! It can only get better and better!

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