Day 94: when no plan is a good plan

Splash palaceAfter spending the first few hours of today bagging garage sale bargains for the office, I decided to go for a swim. Ah, I’ll only do 40 minutes, I think. Ah, I’ll do 80 lengths, 60 isnt many. Ah, I wonder if I can get 100 in before they take all the lane ropes out..

That’s kinda how it went! There was Bermuda shorts guy on one side (who gave up after Fartlek lap 1 of ‘racing me’ saw him lose badly) and on the other, speedy tanga briefs man, who was swimming faster than me doing breast stroke and a variety of kick only drills! I will have a look at his technique as he goes past, I think, get some tips. Ah no, I won’t. He FLEW past me so fast I didn’t get a glimpse! I am used to not bein fastest but OMG how fast!?


Breakfast; smoothie & pancakes
Lunch: egg & bacon ‘bun’ and salad
Dinner: fish and roast veg & fruit

Exercise: 2500m swim

Lesson learned: not making a plan can actually be a better plan.

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