Day 93: Motivational magical clients

IMG_8468What a lovely day it was today. I was going to go for a swim but I abandoned that idea at the sight of sunny skies  and decided to go for a ride instead. On the mountain bike. 🙂


Brunch: cheese and humous roll, oat bar
Dinner: home made chilli and brown rice, fruit and yoghurt

Exercise: 90 min mountain bike ride

Oreti beachI love that I have three different stretches of coastline just a bike ride away. I took the mountain bike today so I could ride right onto the beach. Blissful. I sat in the dunes and watched the waves for a while, in peace. Distant people walking, the sea rolling in, lovely.

I did almost fall off twice though, I am soooo not used to slippy slides sand and wheels that aren’t always in contact with the floor!

IMG_8471The stationery came today, which is pretty exciting, so i’m off to town tomorrow to start the word of mouth distribution. Exciting time ahead, loving it!

I already work with a fabulously inspirational group of people in three different group fitness classes plus spin classes, and I’m loving it. It’s purely magical to see people exceed even their own expectations. I love my job!

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