Day 92: Spin session plans / playlists available soon!

Spin roomI was surprised I got anyone at spin today, being the first day back after the long Easter break, but there was a good lunchtime attendance, all things considered. Today I decided to go for a dance theme, hmmm. I’m not sure I will do that again, or perhaps it’s just because I actually don’t like that type of music! 

I think I will share the sessions, I am making up playlists on spotify. When I have a few, I will build a page for downloads, where you can get the session plan, cues, and playlist. Then you can replicate my personal training pain in your own homes!


Breakfast: smoothie
Lunch: Nutella on toast (post exercise snack!)
Dinner: mince meat roll and chips (yes, chips! It’s been months since I had chips at home!), fruit and yoghurt

Exercise: spin class

I think I will need to do something long and slow and hope the weather is good tomorrow! In order to expand my spinning repertoire, I popped into the library to get more music, on my way home! Next week’s class is already sorted and planned! Loving it!

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