Day 89: Happy Easter!

Forest HillAnd no better way to spend it than in the bush, tramping. It always makes me feel better, today was no different. It’s nice just to walk, listen to the birds, and I never get bored of the view. We really should make an effort to go tramping once a week, there’s no reason why that wouldn’t be achievable.


Breakfast: sausage sizzle
Lunch: small portion home made curry, no rice
Dinner: mince and roast veg, Easter egg.

Exercise: 2 hours tramping, snacks: banana, small snack bar, hot cross bun

Weight loss this week: 1lb (0.5kg) Total loss to date 1 stone 4lb (8.2kg)

We haven’t walked the long hill at Forest hill reserve before, so we decided to try that today. It said 1 hour 50 on the sign, so we allowed ourselves 4 hours return.

I have to say I felt a lot fitter than I have in past longer tramps. This time last year I would have had to repeatedly stop on the way. I kept a good pace (me and me second set of legs!) the whole way to the junction in the path, which we reached in a staggering 55 minutes. I was amazed. What happened to the 1 hour 50!? These signs are usually reasonably accurate from past experience. I felt fantastic about this. I was giving the walking more though too. I consciously trusted my ankle (well supported in new boots) and quad muscles more – working on the logic that all my recent cycling and spin must have done some good. I do still have to considerably shorten my stride on the decent but we got down in the same time as it took to get up and that pleased me, I thought the decent would be slower.

Perhaps my next trip up the hump ridge track will be more manageable, and it’s also bound to be something to do with the lighter frame I am now carrying!

Those target shorts I used to fit into are almost back onto me!

2 Comments on “Day 89: Happy Easter!

  1. Thanks Melanie,
    Happy Holidays to you and yours from Cley too! 🙂
    Dina, Klausbernd, Siri & Selma

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