Day 87: Pay attention – small steps, big steps, they’re all steps!

IMG_2987Today was a lovely day, a warm and sunny autumn day, it seemed rude not to go for a ride. I took the P2 out, as the road bike is now set up form hubby. It’s been a while since I regularly rode it and to be honest I forgot how comfortable it was. I also was surprised how good my stats were too! 

The other day when I went out on it, the short route ended up being a decent pace self TT that set a new PB. I wish I could remember what my average used to be over this longer loop!

Each time I looked at the speedo, the pace was slightly higher than I expected, but the effort level was no different. I could have ridden this beautiful bike for hours more! I’m thinking its a cumulative affect of weighing less, eating better, and riding a sleek light aero bike.

Lessons learned 

  • Don’t limit yourself with expectations: keep an open mind, and you will exceed your own expectations
  • Listen to your body not your mind. I could have believed I couldn’t go faster, but my body was telling my I could easily increase my pace. At certain times I found myself averaging 40-45kmph. I was pleasantly surprised, and you could be too.


Breakfast: scrambled egg
Lunch: crackers and cheese
Dinner: spaghetti bolognese, fruit and yoghurt

Exercise: 50 min bike ride

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