Day 86: don’t limit others with your own beliefs

IMG_2983-0Always go a step further than you think is possible. Even if you are the trainer and not the client.  I took a boxing fitness. Lass this evening. One of the class was able to do the plank for a minute a time, over and over with ease. So I presented her with a series of progressions, from easy to super hard. I bet she gives each one a damn good go. 

Did I sit and think no, she can’t do that so I won’t tell her that? No. That would be imparting my limiting beliefs on her. Instead I gave her ALL the options, that was it shows her that

  1. I believe she can
  2. She is allowed to believe that she thinks that she can


Breakfast: smoothie

Lunch: home made soup and bread roll

Dinner: chilli mince and orzo pasta

Exercise: none.

Sometimes in the world of coaching, others’ fitness comes first. Today I took a class, but didn’t have time to exercise myself as well. That’s ok, I love helping others achieve their goals and get a great buzz from that too.

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