Day 84: long long swimming!

1711f-201012dec21bexleypool014I went for a swim today. Is was pretty much my view. Boredom wasn’t the word. And why?! Because I went at a quiet time of day and had no one to look at! 


Breakfast: fruit and spinach smoothie
Lunch: tomato and bacon pasta
Dinner crumbed fish and steamed veg

Excercise: 4km swim

I haven’t done the full 4km for a good while. I didn’t intend to do it today either but – oh well!

When I set off there were people either side. I used them as markers, timing myself and making sure I was ahead, gaining on them and lapping them faster than last tIme and so on. Then they all got out. Damn! It went really quiet for a while,  can only assume those folks were back off to work and the late launchers who came in after a while, hadn’t started lunch yet. My dull phase was 42-99 lengths, and man was it dull! Then a bunch more folk got in, a woman began swimming up and down with a mannequin, the kids were diving and the underwater jets were sending me sideways, the time passed much faster!

Plans for going long and not going crazy!

  • set yourself mini markers
  • focus on an element of your stroke for awhile
  • empty your mind and see how long you can swim for without thinking of ANYTHING
  • give yourself Fartlek lap goals every so often
  • count your strokes and try and glide more every 10 laps

When end I actually thought about it properly, there were many things I could occupy my mind with, and one of those was nothing at all. I love the relaxation monotony element of swimming long. Beautiful.

Shoulders were just fine, till 122 laps! I can feel the lack of those last 50 lengths in them now!

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