Day 83: Delete the words ‘I can’t’ IMMEDIATELY!

yes you can I saw this photo on my facebook feed and I just had to share it, it says so much about so many things. 

I was introduced to a lady who was going to start one of my classes, she had a prosthetic leg. The line was something like ‘there’s a lot of things she cannot do so you will have to adapt most of the class’.


The poor woman had not even spoken a word at this stage. So I told her a story a friend of mine told me of a local half marathon we both did a number of years ago. My friend was playing leap frog with a guy who had a prosthetic leg. He would periodically stop to adjust it, before once again running on past her and into the distance.

Just like I said to the lady in question, I do not believe in ‘I can’t’. I believe in finding one of the many other paths to the same goal. If all roads led to the same place the country would be a very boring one!!!

Empowerment, that is the key, and quite a lot of encouragement and self belief.


Breakfast: peach, berry and kiwifruit smoothie
Lunch: crackers and feta
Dinner: bacon and egg pie, tomatoes and a (rare) bread roll!, banana bread and yoghurt

Exercise: Bootcamp class (circuits style)

2 Comments on “Day 83: Delete the words ‘I can’t’ IMMEDIATELY!

    • Isn’t he just! I am inspired by so many people just going about their daily business and not making a big deal of it, specially para-athletes.

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