Day 81: try something new: boxing fitness

BoxerI admire a lot more things about boxers now than I used to. I don’t for a second agree with the concept but boxing for fitness is different, I am not punching someone’s lights out. Going to these classes gives me a new appreciation for what I expect clients to go through, man it’s harder than it looks!


Breakfast: banana and peanut butter smoothie
Lunch: French toast with bacon
Dinner: bacon and egg pie & gravy

Exercise: 1 hour box fit class

There’s always something new that you can try that will make you feel like you’re not anywhere near as fit as you thought! That’s the beauty of variation. Boxing is one of those things. Way back when I tried my first ever class, I had DOMS. I am now strong and fit enough to find the boxing easy, but mix it with cardio circuits type thing And that’s different.

Try sit ups while throwing four punches in between, or pres ups in boxing gloves.. The list is endless.

Want something high impact, fun and – well – a bit AAARGH!? Try box fit. Guaranteed to make you spontaneously melt on the spot!

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