Day 80: accidental speed cycling!

IMG_2172I said to the hubby as I left the house this afternoon – I am not cycling hard today, just a pootle, see you in a while. Erm, oops!!

It didn’t quite work out that way!!


Breakfast: smoothie
Lunch: small piece frittata
Dinner: meal out

Exercise: 30min TT pace ride

I have been busy today and it would have been easy to miss this ride out completely, but the day was still and dry, I had 40 mins to spare so I thought I would quit making excuses and go for a wee ride.

I set off intending to just ride. But, as I left Invers up the only wee hill on the route, The stats looked good and I felt relaxed. I decided to simply continue like this. I still felt good. So I aimed to keep the stats at the same overall pace.

I kept this up till my last turn, at Wallacetown. I looked at the clock. The time was still looking good. I carried on at the same pace. It was I admit, getting a little harder than an easy ride, but I was determined and focussed by this stage! So much so, I began to shout at my legs to carry on!

Result, under 30 minutes, I think that is a PB, and almost a minute faster than the same pace ride a few days ago.

  • Use stats to motivate you, make sure effort is consistent throughout your session, dont set off like a rocket and fade at the end, aim for a steady constant pace
  • It should be ‘start easy, finish hard’
  • Use your times to help you set next time’s goals.

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