Day 79: inspiration from your environment

Splash palaceIt’s all too easy to be distracted by what’s going on around us, demotivated in fact, but there’s another way. This was a game changer for me when I learned this. 


Breakfast: scrambled egg with ham and feta
Lunch: pasta salad
Dinner: stuffed baked Kumara

Exercise: 45 min pool swim

I was in the pool today swimming along. I don’t usually think of anything, just swim. Today though, I was more distracted, got bored faster, it made me think of what it was that I did to keep me motivated.

  • See that Bermuda shorts guy racing me in the next lane: eat my dust: turn it into a Fartlek session!
  • See that lady I keep lapping in the other lane, I can get past her in 6 laps. How much shorter can I make that? Extended endurance sprint set!
  • Then there’s the lady in the fast lane motoring past me. What is she doing that makes her so fast, hmmm? Butterfly kick on the push off. Let me try that one…

Get et the idea? This works for any sport, any fitness event. Look at the person you’re being beaten by. What tips can you take from them? How about the person you are beating? What are they doing that you want to make sure that y DONT do?

Be motivated by what’s going on around you, not demotivated!

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