Day 78: Meltingly!

Turbo Hubby came home from work today and I must have looked a right state. I was on the last rep of the Sufferfest’s ‘a very dark place’ and the place was so dark, I wasn’t communicating and waved for him to come back in a few minutes! 

I do like a good hard session, and particularly like the sufferfest but I sooo have to be in the mood for that pain!


Breakfast: smoothie
Lunch: humous and crackers, apple, cashew nuts
Dinner: frittata and tomatoes, pat biscuit

Exercise: 1 hour indoor turbo, protein snack afterwards

I actually didn’t intend to do the whole hour but I was enjoying myself. The pool is still closed for water polo championships and it was raining today, plus I was tight on time. Seemed logical!

Tomorrow is the last PAYE day for me then I’m going it alone! I think a shopping trip is in order – I think there’s much stuff a freelance PT needs to have!

Oh – and I already have a lead from the networking meeting… 🙂

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