Day 77: making it all happen

imageI have had a lot of people tell me (once again) that I am very brave for deciding to do what I have done. To be honest, I don’t think so, all you need is courage to make your own dreams happen and that is what I have. 


Breakfast: smoothie
Lunch: vegetable tagine, banana,
Dinner: small brown pasta spaghetti bolognaise (sandwich mini snacks at business meeting)

Exercise: none

Trust me when I say that I truly and honestly did not have a chance at all to do any exercise. I have been on the go with work or meetings since dawn this morning (literally!) and got home at 9pm.


Today was another super productive day. I collected my new T shirts and fleece, embroidered branded with my logo and ‘personal trainer’. (Photos to come!) They look really cool! I have also been to an awesome ANZ run business networking meeting where I met some cool people, and even though it made for a long day on the back of three other meetings, a very entertaining speaker. And, several people asked for my business card. 😀

I was at a meeting today and the guy could see my car out the window. He saw the ‘’ decals on the back and asked me did I have my own gym. I was super happy, (even though he wasn’t quite right) because this means that the name alone suggests the correct thing to people who have never heard of me before! Awesome! It’s working!

All good news, feeling super positive!

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