Monday thought: finding your own unknown

QuoteIt takes some courage to actually walk the path alone, with confidence. Far too often we focus on what has been or what might be, what others say, or might think. We don’t spend enough time thinking about ourselves and what we want, think or hope for. 

When I was a child, it was all about fitting in. I was good at music, but that wasn’t socially accepted by everyone. So I decided to blend in. The norm was to enjoy sport. I didn’t, but I tried- and consequently failed. Why? Because I didn’t have the self belief in why I was doing. What would have happened if I had followed my heart back then? Well eventually I did and did a music degree.

I did it again later in life and changed my life and found sport. A few years later I did it again, and moved country. Then recently I did it again and left my teaching career to set up business on my own.

Scary, but I am in control. I cannot sit back and think ‘what if’. I will not. There’s no time for that. I am forging my own path, creating my own happiness.

We spend far too much of our very short life at work, so it has to be something enjoyable. The vey little spare time that we have, proportionately must be spent doing things we love, in a place that we love.

What are you doing with yours?

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