Day 76: cutting carbs 

Crumbed fishA photo of my dinner: why? It’s an illustration of how to have dinner without major carbs included. Simple and easy tip if you’re trying to lose weight: try and make at least one meal of the day carb free. 

Nutrition :

Breakfast: apple and peanut butter smoothie
Lunch: Small portion vegetable tagine, apple, handful cashew nuts
Dinner; Salmon and veg (see above! Home made crumb topping), slice banana loaf and yoghurt

Exercise; 15km bike ride at TT pace, protein snack afterwards

I felt hungry today pre breakfast, which tells me my late night eating habit is getting better! I usually take my breakfast to work with me and have it at 8am ish – as I start work very early in the morning. This works just fine and sets me up for the day.

I do miss my early morning training, pre breakfast. If you keep it under an hour and not too hard core, it’s a great fat burner time of day. Instead I do it mid afternoon now between jobs, which is actually wen more pleasant because it’s the warmest time of day and I still have daylight, even in winter. I just make sure it’s been a while since lunch.

Don’t get stuck in a rigid rut with training, always consider something you wouldn’t normally do. I always thought pre breakfast was the only time of day to train but now I have found an equally blissful alternative. 🙂

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