Day 75: weight loss summary so far 

IMG_8210So this week has been a good week.after a good few weeks of no change, a few minor alterations has rested in a 1.3kg loss this week! Woohoo!


Brunch: Cajun chicken stack, with wedges, pancakes with berries
Dinner: chicken stir fry, ice cream

Weight loss this week: 3lb (1.3kg)

Total loss to date: 7.7kg (1 stone 3lb)

Exercise: 1 hour walk

It’s been a good week, for a few reasons. I’m glad that self applied minor alterations have actually worked, meaning I now have a total loss of just under 8kg.

The things I changed this week:

  1. Cut back coffee, because it dehydrates, and thirst is often mistaken for hunger, thus not helping the over eaton nasty snacking problem. I now have just one a day.
  2. Cut back on carbs slightly. On a few dinners this week we tried to cut back or eliminate carbs completely.
  3. Made sure I drank enough water
  4. Had a protein snack after exercise (to aid recovery and prevent unhealthy snacking)

I have to say I am beginning to feel a bit more like myself. I’m not done yet but I’m a good way down the path already and feeling super positive.

Weight loss is easy when you know how 🙂

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