Day 73: Autumn sunshine

IMG_2171Autumn is a bit unusual here at times. You can go from flipping freezing mornings to 22 degree T shirt weather by tea time. Makes deciding what to wear for work a little tricky at times! I can see why kiwis swear by layers rather than chunky winter jumpers!

That said, I actually got a bike ride in today, and because hubby came too, the P2 was us clipped from the turbo and got to go outside!


Breakfast: Porridge
Lunch: Crackers and humous
Dinner: fresh chicken and curried rice, yoghurt

Exercise: 40 minute bike ride

Feeling good. Getting out of the ‘must have desert’ habit, and ‘need coffee’ habit which is helping. It’s also nice not having carbs in the tea all the time, I wake up feeling a lot better actually. Tea can be tea without potatoes or rice, and tea can also be tea without meat, even if you aren’t vegetarian. Water is actually ok too! When I remember to drink it!

The bike ride was a nice leisurely one today, persuaded OH to come, he hasn’t been out on a road bike for a long long time, so we kept it short. I took the coaching role rather than tanking out the ride, while maintaining a steady speed, to illustrate his (and most people’s) tendency to set off on bike rides too fast when they are just starting out.

Beautiful afternoon, and it was nice to get out on the P2 actually. I must do it more often. 🙂


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