Day 72: potato day!

I have not had much in the way of carb all week, as per this weeks plan. So today I broke two plans: I seriously did NOT have time for any exercise I had that much work / meetings. I also are a potato!

I seriously hope this makes a difference this week because what else do you have with sausages for tea? I opted for baked kumara – the best type of potato possible. Apart from the occasional ‘what to have’ awkwardness I haven’t actually missed carbs. 

Actually I tell a lie. I felt very very tired this morning at work and had three cups of coffee instead of my usual one. Perhaps that was lack of carbs too now I think about it. Oops.


Breakfast: smoothie
Lunch: crackers and humous, apple
Dinner: sausage casserole and baked kumara.

Exercise: none

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