Day 71: more business planning

Spin bikesWork work work. There’s a lot to sort when you’re setting up for full time sole trader.

Much to read, as well as balancing something a little more regular that will bring the dollars in. Today was a reading and appointments day, with a bit of spin squeezed in.


Breakfast: fejoa smoothie
Lunch: chicken curry & noodles, apple
Dinner: veg omelette, fruit and yoghurt

Exercise: 1 hour spin class, protein bar as a snack post exercise

This spin class was an ’80’s throw back’ class. I loved all the music but I learned a new thing regards spin class planning, in the process.

  • For me personally, cadence is important. It frustrates me when the music cadence doesn’t match what I am being asked to do.
  • A set gear might make it easy to make a class generic, but personally easy was far too easy. I had the bike on gear 8 when I was asked to put it onto gear 1!
  • Smiley cheerful instructor is key! even when the clients aren’t!

Cutting the carbs and coffee back and adding more water is making me feel better. Another thing I am noticing is that when I do some hard exercise, I need to be careful and make sure I get protein refuelling, because otherwise my dinner doesn’t tech the sides and I end up wanting to eat junk! This is a new one on me, it never used to be that way! It goes to show how things change when you simply fuel yourself sufficiently. Instead of overdoing it!

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