Day 70: business progress day!

I spent most of my spare time today working on various things to set up my business again here in NZ. I have this sparkly new ‘tattoo’ on my car, I have T shirts in being embroidered and business cards booked in to be reprinted and updated. Been to see the bank, fab steps forwards!

To top it all, my REPS certificate came today, so I could add the logo to this blog and to my web site. Feeling fab! 

Next steps forwards for me are in advertising and networking. I have some things planned there, some stuff to read through and paperwork to complete. If setting up business was easy everyone would do it, that’s what I am telling myself!


Breakfast: Spinach and berry smoothie
Lunch; Small portion beef casserole, fruit
Dinner: Basil pesto pasta and home made garlic bread

Exercise: none

my green ‘paddys day’ dinner Hahaha

We had fun with dinner today. My basil bush in the garden means pesto will always be simple and cheap. This was my second attempt. The last was like a dip, this one I wanted to be a sauce for pasta. So I added water to the mix in the magic bullet along with the oil. It worked a dream!

This was also our second attempt at garlic bread. We were not anywhere close to being liberal enough last time, it worked way better this time. It was a nice novelty too as we rarely buy bread. A couple of tiger sticks for $2 and we had all the garlic bread we needed plus spare! Much cheaper.

I’ll dig out the recipes and post them later in the week. 🙂

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