Day 68: Cycling and Surf to City

Surf to City 2015 It was a beautiful day for this popular community event based in the city’s central Queens Park. Hubby was running it, starting at the beach and finishing in the park: a sunny 12km. With an event for everyone, it was a real community affair, from young to old, cyclists, runners, walkers, you name it. Great atmosphere. 


Brunch: bacon roll
Dinner: salad

Exercise: 40 min bike ride

Weight loss this week: none

At first I was a bit upset, but it’s ok. 2 weeks ago I gained 4lb, last week I lost 4lb, I can’t expect to sustain huge weight losses. Plus, we went out for dinner this week, so maintaining weight is perfectly ok.

That said, there are a few things I need to change, I think.

  • Drink more water
  • Eat more veg
  • Be careful about carb intake, and specially the timing
  • Fuel properly after exercise to avoid snacking tendencies
  • Add back in mini superset weights routine at the gym, like I used to

When I dropped hubby off at the park, I had 90 mins to kill before he would be back. So I decided to race home and go for a rapid wee bike ride, best use of time and all that. It was a little chilly, my first time this year that long sleeves were needed, I even some some light frosts on the shaded parts of some of the fields. Still, it was a beautiful sunny day which warmed up nicely by lunchtime, so it was still thoroughly enjoyable.

Back in the park, it was just wonderful to see so many people being involved in sport, 3500 entries this year, more than ever, the announcer said.

Fab community event, lovely wee solo bike ride too, even if autumn is here!

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