Book review: Lisa Tamati – Running to Extremes

Running to extremesThis is a wonderful book, full of heart felt stories, race reports, and tons of practical to for all types of athletes, so there’s definitely something you will take away with you when you read this book.

Lisa mixes practical advice and tips from her own experiences as well as medical professionals, with accounts of some of the toughest races on earth, explaining how and why she did them. 

She never bothers with the mechanics of things, rarely mentions how hard things get but in an easy reading informative style you get the full measure of her grit, determination and enthusiasm for this extreme sport while also appreciating how incredibly tough beyond tough it must be. She’s humble, factual, warm and enthusiastic about what she does. 

‘You can only know your boundaries by pushing yourself to your limits’

My husband in fact said ‘you better not let me read any more or I will want to be an ultra runner’! 

She writes engaging accounts of several races, including what she describes as the highest and most difficult ultra in the world, which crosses the Himalayas.

Whether a runner or not, you will find Lisa’s book a moving and engaging read. It is almost guaranteed to motivate you to get out and do something yourself. 

‘You can never judge an athlete by the way they look. It’s all about what’s on the inside – it’s about heart and determination’ 

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