Day 66: giveaway coaching offer – first 10 only!

Happy I saw this today and loved it. The words, the colours, it sums up what I aim to be each and every day. I choose to find a happy moment in each and every day. I choose to make decisions based on what I want, not what I think others want me to want, my decisions are based on creating happiness. Sometimes that is a difficult thing to do that requires bravery. But it’s far too easy to remain in an unhappy rut, in my opinion. 


Breakfast: Scrambled egg
Lunch: Veg salad, ginger biscuit
Dinner: Home made slow cook casserole and home grown organic potatoes, yoghurt and fruit

Exercise: 30 min turbo sprints

Car decalsI had more of a relaxing day today after yesterday’s busy day and excitement. I’m planning new updated business cards and getting some decals stuck on my car next week. Here’s a mock up of how it should look (with my dream fake Personal number plate!).

The future looks daunting but exciting as I prepare to go full tilt 100% self employed and build the business back up again! but this time in a new country.

The Personal Trainer qualifications now have pride of place on the wall and the REPS registration is on its way to me as we speak.

Free giveaway!

So, if you need 1:1 or online coaching/PT/Tri coaching/nutrition and/or weight management advice let me know! Distance is no barrier, I use training peaks and Skype too! First ten get their first session for free! (Quote #r2hMarch offer)

Join me for spin!

If you’re local, I am going to be taking some spin classes in YMCA Invercargill, my first is 12:05pm on 1 April. 🙂 Watch that space too, as they plan to expand the classes they offer to include weekends and early mornings 🙂

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