Day 64: A different ‘spin’ on things – literally!

Spin bikesMore spin today but this time a different instructor. And this one had Metallica’s Enter Sandman in the playlist, so she is now instantly my favourite! I’ve never heard Metallica in a group fitness class before, so thank you Michelle! 


Breakfast: coconut smoothie
Lunch: small piece bulgur wheat and egg bake
Dinner: home made spivey chicken pasta, fruit an yoghurt

Exercise: spin class

I decided to try the other spin instructor today, her classes are almost full – regularly so I wanted to see what she did different that was such a success.

Things I learned today about how to tackle being a spin instructor

  • Always introduce yourself personally to new people in the class you don’t recognise
  • Although talking to much can be a bit annoying, it doesn’t stop you from smiling ad connecting with your clients, does it?
  • Clients feel more inspired if the instructor looks like they are workig hard and enjoying it
  • Music choice is vital – upbeat always (and Metallica is ok, it did actually work!)
  • Tell people in advance what the next segment will entail.

Most enjoyable, learned lots more, looking at it from an instructing angle.

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