Day 62: odd swimming companions!

swim lanesMonday seems to be turning into long steady swim day. I like starting the week that way after the first days work of the new week. I have around an hour, it is usually nice and quiet before I get booted out for the swim clubs at 3:30pm. 


Breakfast: smoothie
Lunch: crackers and hums, dates, apple
Dinner: salmon and 1/2 baked Kumara, yoghurt and dried fruit

Exercise: 3km swim, protein bar snack afterwards

It was an odd day at the pool. I usually get in the medium lane, but there was a guy sitting on the side putting a huge set of flippers on, so I decided to avoid him and join the guy in the fast lane. I was slightly slower than him by rand 1-2 stress per length, but he got t after a short while obviously his set done for the day. That left odd flipper man in the next lane. He was actually swimming a length at a time, along the bottom of the pool. (We were at the diving end!)

A woman in the next lane over decided to do this also.

I almost laughed under water. The flipper guy was looking what he was doing, knew when to come up when it sloped to shallower, and when to come to the surface when he got to the bulk head. Pink hat lady one lane further over forgot to look. She swam right under the bulk head and had a mini panic when she find herself trying to surface while directly underneath it! She didn’t make that mistake again!

Then there was Bermuda shorts man. He was 3 lanes over but that didn’t stop him from ‘racing’ me. Yep, my sudden Fartlek response meant I won each time! And then kept going! He could only do one lap reasonably fast!

to be honest I was a bit bored, so thanks you guys for keeping me amused!

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