Day 60: fat loss Progress so far

Jan to Mar fat lossAlthough I am in fact back on track again now that our visitor has left, Wanaka is over and we aren’t eating out as much, it’s easy to get into a bad habit but takes your taste buds a while to readjust back to healthy!

In the evenings I still crave sweet things, but I still can’t eat huge portions. Another week passing and I’m sure I’ll be back to being ok.

Then I stuck these three photos together and it reassured me that I was in fact doing ok. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.


Breakfast: smoothie
Lunch: chicken wrap & wiener sausage
Dinner: home made lasagne

Exercise: none

When you are in the middle of making huge long term changes, it’s easy to let your eye off the long term goal and instead focus on the short term failures along the path. No one is perfect. It’s what we do with those rights and wrongs that’s important.

I read a book recently that reminded me this: we spend too much time focussing on things that bug us instead of celebrating the good. I have to say, I have done the same recently too. I have always been good at writing my long list of failures, but often overlook the good.

  • I am using my spare time doing sport that I enjoy
  • I am doing sport because I WANT TO
  • My diet it tons better than before Christmas
  • It is ok to have a treat now and again. Denial breeds failure.
  • I am one stone lighter already. (6.4kg)

Things to remember on your weight loss journey

  • Small changes lead to big ones
  • Its OK to have an off day, so long as you recognise it as that and keep things in perspective
  • Document the progress, either in photos, weight or inch loss, to prove to yourself that you are making progress when you begin to doubt yourself.


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