Day 59: more spinning class building

Spin Getting there slowly with the spin planning! This class that I planned and tested was a lot more doable than the last one! 


Breakfast: omelette
Lunch: home made onion soup and crusty bread
Dinner: home made stir fry, home made cake

Exercise: 1 hour spin class on turbo

I’m still working my way through learning my new app ‘class builder’. Today I created another class, this time remembering to add regular re perry breaks (!) and the HR zones / RPE which gives me a class profile.

Imagine a spin class where you know the words to every song, it’s so cool! I do have to miss out the Metallica though, don’t want to frighten them off! So this class has some sprints, hills, but it’s overall focus is endurance.

I have even worked out how to export the playlist and cue list as a PDF.

Should I make them downloadable on here? 

You know you’ve pitched it right when you even curse your own instructions and length of the intervals, just slightly!


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