Day 58: adaptable lane chaos

Lane chaosI have to say that today’s lane swim was the busiest I have ever experienced! I went at tea time, a time of day I have never been before, and one I won’t readily go again. Seven in a wee 25m lane is busy, even by an English person’s standards! 


Breakfast: Scrambled egg
Lunch: Small piece home made bacon and egg pie, handful dates
Dinner: Home made lasagne, dried fruit and yoghurt

Exercise: 1 hr swim

I went swimming with hubby today, which meant after 5pm, not a time I have ever bothered with, for obvious reasons.

When we arrived, there were only 3 public lanes due to swimming lessons (usually there’s 8+). I had a look in the pool, there were only two public swimmers, what could go wrong? Ahem!

When we first got in, we had a lane to ourself, so we took a side each so ewe didn’t get in each other’s way. I decided that I would do 50m sprints. No worries. Off I went.

Then I notice a guy with a snorkel get in. Plan B. We went back to anticlockwise swimming. He was fast enough to not get in the way, so I continued with sprints.

Then a girl gets in. Swimming slowly. Hmm. I time my set off, it’s still ok. Till her bermuda shorts boyfriend joins her. At this stage, hubby gets out. I don’t blame him!

Then another girl gets in, swimming quite slowly. It’s getting more tricky now to avoid all these people. Snorkel guy is having a similar problem. I’m forced on a couple of occasions to U turn, or super sprint. So, this session has turned into fartlek / open water navigation practice has it? I see. Then the guy in the lane next door decides he wants to race me. Look buddy, do what you want, I’ve enough to worry about in this lane!

Then breast stroking Chinese man gets in (from the lane next door).


I decide to do 400m more then get out. This is far too tricky now so now I switch to warm down and leave.

Seven is a lot of folk, no matter which way you look at it. I am proud of myself for

  • Not getting bugged by them
  • Managing to still achieve my goal
  • using my surroundings to my advantage as a learning opportunity.

Now, next time I am not going at 5pm!!

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