Day 57: new master rowers on the river

Oreti river New masters rowers is always good news, there hasn’t been anyone join since me, so it’s good no longer being the newbie! So many people gave their time and training up to teach me when I started that it was my pleasure to help our lady president coach a new lady in a quad. 


Breakfast: scrambled egg
Lunch: home made bacon and egg pie, dates,
Dinner: home made pie and baked 1/2 Kumara

Exercise: 1 hour rowing

With Grant – a fabulous rower from the adaptive crew in the bow, off we went up river.

I was giving directions, from my no2 seat, the new rower right in front of me, so I can help to coach her. All my singles work makes me a good spotter – I’m way better at rowing while looking the other way than I ever used to be before I started going out solo!

I also thoroughly enjoyed helping coach, building the rapport, seeing her progress. It’s definitely where it lies for me at the moment – sharing and facilitating goals.

I didn’t do as much as I usually do when I go out with the masters, but it didn’t bother me at all. Grant enjoyed rowing with us too, I think he enjoyed the change.

Singles another time maybe, it was nice checking in with the guys for once.

2 Comments on “Day 57: new master rowers on the river

  1. i’m sorry to be critical, but I become mildly irritated every time you refer to the front of a boat as being the “bough”. It should be “bow”.
    Otherwise I enjoy reading your blogs.

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