Day 56: spin class with ‘Voluptuous Valerie’

Spin bikes I continue to test out spin classes at my new gym, as requested by the gym manager in the run up to me taking over a few.

It always amuses me when I go to group classes, the sights that I find there, today was no exception.


Breakfast: smoothie (home made disaster, this one!
Lunch: chicken noodles (last nights tea left overs
Dinner: Hoki, spinach and tomato parcel with bulgur wheat, small ice cream

Exercise: spin class – protein bar afterwards

I have to say I found today’s class somewhat disturbing. Voluptuous Valerie, let’s call her, was positioned by the door, almost facing me, low slung top and inadequate support bra. To complete the look, she had a lovely hair do, and pink lipstick to match her top.

I managed to get there on time this week, only just! Even 5 mins ahead it seems, is late! The instructor introduced himself to me this week, wanting to know was I the trainee trainer. 😉

I have come up with a couple more tips for myself for spin classes.

  • Introduce yourself as the instructor, and don’t take self too seriously!
  • Engage with all the members, regulars, sporty sorts and those that are less so.
  • I think a wee white board might be useful. So I can jot a brief plan of the class up, for all to see. That way the class members know what to expect.
  • Use music that matches the mood: if you’re working hard, the music needs to be suitably motivational.

Voluptuous Valerie and her husband on the adjacent bike are doing Mototapu this weekend. I wonder if she’s wearing that same outfit…

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