Day 55: swimming motivated by the surroundings

Splash palace The people around me do amuse me sometimes, specially when I am simply there to swim up and down and they all turn it into a competition! I used it today as Fartlek motivation!


Breakfast: kiwi fruit, spinach and berry smoothie
Lunch: crackers and humous, apple, nuts
Dinner: stir fry chicken with noodles, strawberries and yoghurt

Exercise: 3km swim

I went into the pool today to jus do a long swim. I find it a great de stress, it’s taken me a while to work t what replaces running for me, I think this is it for sure.

I had around an hour before the swim squad comes in, so I just wanted to see what I could fit in. Meanwhile, entertainment was unfolding around me.

Bermuda shorts man got into the slow lane. I was in the medium lane (because it was empty). Bermuda man decided he would wait for me to come round and race me every so often. Gauntlet or what!? Poor guy had no chance, all I did is lengthen out my stroke and easily beat him. So he gave himself a head start on me. Same result. He did this over and over and over. Thanks dude, it pushed my average pace up higher than it would have otherwise been!

Meanwhile a woman got into the lane with me. She was slightly slower than me. I was gaining by around 2 strokes per length, until I noticed and started trying! I made it my mission to catch her, so she changed the game and kept setting off directly behind me, using me for pacing. No way! So once again I stretched out my stroke to get rid of her, see how fast I could get her off my feet! Just as I was about to catch her (gaining 2 lengths on her to come back up behind her again) she would stop for a rest and let me past! Darn it!

Then Bermuda shorts man left, and the woman changed lanes!

Darn it! I was enjoying that! Hahaha

Use the surroundings to your advantage….

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