Day 54: Farewell Team MARBEL

MARBELToday was the day that we waved goodbye to Ben, as he embarks on his long long journey back to England after a 5 week holiday and an excursion to Challenge Wanaka. 


Breakfast: smoothie, pancakes
Lunch: savoury scone, slice lolly cake
Dinner: ham and cheese croissant

Exercise: None

We had most meals out today, a last blast before we waved goodbye to Ben: a beautiful breakfast in Bella Kai (probably a little too large!) lunch / snack in Kingston, on the way to Queenstown, before waving him off on his mammoth 4 flight trip back to England.

I’m forward to getting the eating plan and training plan back on track for a while, although a wee blow out is always nice from time to time.

The shorts I bought at the start of the summer are now too large, a good sign, but I’m not all the way there yet, as the shorts I brought over from England aren’t quite fitting me right just yet! Small steps 🙂

Still feeling good though.

Today’s tip: if you don’t feel hungry when you get up in the morning, you ate too much too late in the day last night 🙂

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