Day 53: boxerfit instructor training

IMG_7948 A random series of circumstances led to me being offered a place on this course today, which happened while I was in Dunedin buying a new mountain bike! Anyhow, some more stuff learned so more strings to the personal training bow 🙂


Breakfast: Bacon and egg 1/2 sandwich on the move & banana
Lunch: Ham and cheese salad, cookie, nut bar x2
Dinner: Salmon, potatoes and salad

Exercise: 1 hour turbo

Slightly different nutrition today because I have been out of the house since before 6am, driving to Dunedin to do the boxerfit course.

Boxerfit training course

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was very quickly apparent that most of the clientele were students, this was predominantly a polytechnic funded course for the students to attend free of charge. It’s easy to forget how little common sense students have, how disorganised they are and how low and repetitive things have to be pitched in order for them to grasp it! (Yep, I was also on once myself too!, I know!)

Despite that, I was pleasantly surprised how interesting it was. It taught me the basics of the boxing stance, guard and the basic punches, from a fitness rather than from a boxing point of view, as well as how to instruct someone else. I see many possibilities. Here’s my top three, but I can think of many more:

  • Incorporating it into 1:1 PT to mix things up a bit
  • Boxerfit classes – even bootcamp style classes
  • Dynamic fitness movements meaning multiple health and fitness benefits, cardio plus muscle building body toning
  • Easy for all, no prior boxing experience needed, fitness training meaning we aren’t training you to hit anyone else!

I’m currently considering taking the licence for Invercargill to re-establish the bootcamp classes that ceased just before Christmas.

Doing my own spin class

i have been setting up spin classes with music and cues on my iPod, in preparation to take over some of the gym’s spin classes in the near future. I decided I should test my class by doing it myself. Oops!

Erm, I discovered it’s probably a bit tough! I have probably not given each section of the warm up enough time, and I haven’t always given recovery between sets! I’ve even accidentally given back to back stand up hills by accident with no break!

Still, the music played through well and without gaps, the app allows me to dip music to talk over it and I can look at a cue sheet to remind me of the next set of steps. Cool 🙂

I will revise then re-do my own class again and see if it’s any better balanced!

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