Day 52: Sea swimming in the rain 

IMG_7941So the forecast was rain today. So what, I told hubby, its wet in the sea, what does it matter whats happening in the sky!


Breakfast: scrambled egg
Lunch: slice quiche
Dinner: meal out

Exercise: 1 hour sea swim

After a coached swim lesson, I took myself to Colac Bay to sea swim. It was raining, but light winds, so much flatter than some of the times I have visited.

The tide was outgoing, so further to walk to water deep enough, but it’s reassuring that it’s a shallow sheltered bay, very safe for swimming.

I struggle to not get distracted when I’m swimming in open water. The surroundings are so beautiful,I love to float out in the sea and take in the surroundings, the water all around me hills in the distance, the rise and fall of the water. A view I just couldn’t get with a camera. I also love that it is a sandy bay, that means cloudy salt water, which means I cannot see what lurks beneath – something I much prefer!

Had a good swim, thoroughly enjoyed it – I love the freedom of it all.

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