Day 51: taking out Riley

Riley I was having a bit of a dilemma today: rowing or swimming, the water and the day was beautiful, if I had time I would have done both! As it was, rowing won simply because I haven’t been recently.


Breakfast: spirulina smoothie
Lunch: humous with crackers, nuts and dates
Dinner: home made slow cook stew with mini roast potatoes

Exercise: 1 hour singles row

I enjoy a solo row on the river, today was no exception. I love just sitting and floating on the water taking in the surroundings. Peacefulness. I do, however, also have to row or I won’t get anywhere!

Today I had to use a different boat. Unfortunately for me, I guessed wrong and took a racing single, which was needed, so I had an audience waiting for my return. Oops!

It was also more tricky getting in and out, the tide was outgoing and the beach slopes away to deep water really fast. When I was going though, it was blissful. I lengthened and slowed my stroke, adding power to increase speed. Gently does it.

I was even approached by a guy who was nearby having lunch, asking about joining and giving rowing a go. Awesome!

So, aside from upsetting coach by choosing the wrong boat, I had a wonderful afternoon!

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