Day 50: back to the track- slopey cycling!

track Back to the track this evening could mean only one thing: hard assed work, fast legs and slopey cycling!


Breakfast: smoothie
Lunch: crackers and home made basil pesto
Dinner: omelette

Exercise: 1 hour track cycling

I don’t usually go to the beginner session, so I wasn’t necessarily prepared for the things I had to deal with today.

I am by no means a flash track cyclist, but I am confident enough to handle the track and it’s curves and be aware of those around me. I kinda expect that of other riders too, so when I am faced with swerving cyclists who don’t stick to an even line, swerve up and down the banking and slow down at a moments notice, it actually makes for a dangerous experience.

I’m not afraid of the top of the track, I’m not afraid of hard work, but I am in fact afraid of inept cyclists who make things treacherous. So I had to keep myself to myself, luckily I know how to back stamp slow down fast on a fixed wheel, and managed to stay away from trouble, mostly (just one slight slip while avoiding a swerving cyclist, but I didn’t fall). It’s not something I have ever had to do before but when the swerving cyclist is heading up the track, that leaves you little space!

Still, it gave me confidence that I hadn’t forgotten how to ride a fixie!

The session ended with a flying lap. Not quite executed as it is meant to, we were only given one rolling lap, which gives you very little time to build speed, but I wasn’t too displeased. Of the large mixed group, only two men beat me, both riding borrowed carbon race bikes. 19:59 sec. I have no idea what I did for a flying lap when I race on the track a few years ago, but never mind, either way it isn’t bad for having been off the track so long the bike had cobwebs and the tyres only had 20psi left in them!

Oops, must visit more often!


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