Day 49: testing out spin classes

spinning I am back trying out spin classes, having been offered some classes to instructs little while down the line. Sufficed to say, it’s an interesting exercise looking at it from a PT/instructing point of view. 


Breakfast: banana
Lunch: banana, crackers and humous, nuts
Dinner: home made bolognese with orzo, apple pie

Exercise: 1 hour spin class

Based on tonight’s experience, I have made a list for myself of things I prefer in a spin class.

  • Make sure all people know how to (and have) set the bike up correctly, seat height etc. (I do find it irritating that there isn’t more adjustment in the handle bars, they’re always a tiny bit too far a way for me.)
  • Variation. I hate a class that has only one element, like stand up cycling all the way through, for example. I don’t spend that much time standing up while cycling outside so why should I inside? Besides, it hurts my knees, which makes me grumpy!)
  • When a bike measures RPM, then why not use it as a learning tool?
  • When a bike registers wattage, DEFINITELY use it as a learning tool! I can’t believe it was never mentioned all the way through today’s class.
  • Please don’t ask me to do the same thing for a whole song without any change! It’s very boring!

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