Day 46: Challenge Wanaka race build up

Team MARBEL with Seamus

Two major things to report today, the weight update and  the start of the Challenge Wanaka road trip in preparation for the big day on Sunday.


Breakfast: Scrambled egg with ham
Lunch: Pancakes with bacon
Dinner: Pasta party pasta meal & salad, fruit and ice cream

Exercise: none

Today I decided to step on the scales, because all the Wanaka plans from now on will prevent that on our usual day: Sunday. Great news!

Weight loss: 1lb (1/2kg) Total loss to date: 1 stone (6.3kg)

I feel like I still have a way to go, but I feel super pleased to get past milestone 1 already. 🙂

Today we set off on the road trip to Wanaka: the big race is on Sunday, we are all so excited! We stopped in the beautiful Five Rivers cafe (the one we cycled to the other week) on the way up. The view from the top of the Crown Range Road was stunning today in the beautiful Otago sunshine. Wanaka is buzzing athletes everywhere, the bridge over the main road is being built, the transition is up, it’s looking good so far.

We registered then checked into our apartment before heading back to race central for the pasta party.

Gina Crawford spoke first, talking about the art of timing her peak to coincide with racing, and about getting race day right, such a fine balance.

Dylan McNeice followed, his advice was to ‘race your own race’. Excellent advice, and something I also say a lotto my athletes.

Braiden Curry and Jess Simpson were next, the male and female winners of the coast to Coast multi sport race that that happened last week. Braiden is racing the full and Jess the half this weekend. Jess was asked did she think you can learn to dig deep into the dark places that are needed to complete extreme endurance events. Her belief is that you have to WANT to do it, rather than learn it.

Lastly we saw a couple being interviewed who have become local celebrities because they have specially designed trisuits and are getting married at the 21km point on the run course! 85 Aussie /American friends of theirs are also here in the specially designed tuxedo suits, all also completing the races and all convening at the same point in a carefully planned and timed schedule, to get the witnesses all together for the wedding. What a dedicated set of wedding guests, hey!?

It was a truly fabulous evening of speakers, very entertaining, and the food was pretty decent too!

2 Comments on “Day 46: Challenge Wanaka race build up

    • I did the swim and it went exactly to plan, I got out of the water in a great time. Unfortunately
      Our cyclist was unable to complete his section, however the race organisers allowed our runner to still do his marathon, but we recorded a DNF on the results. I have a knee injury which will eventually mean a complete replacement so no, sadly I can’t race any more.

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