Day 40: the new mountain bike

Mountain bike We bought these a few weeks ago but only got them out for the first time today. Long overdue, a mountain bike that actually works, and costs more than $70! 


Breakfast: Breakfast egg muffins
Lunch: shared pancakes, croissant with ham and cheese
Dinner: meal out (well, it is valentines day!)

Exercise: 3 hour mountain bike ride

I have had a mountain bike that I bought originally because I wanted to Tri triathlon and needed a bike. I have had it almost ten years, and it cost me a mere £60 or so in HALFORDS: the well known make ‘reebok’ hahaha! I did the Clutha rail trail on it with the rowing club last year, and it literally only just got me there. Hubby says that it is way too rickety to ride safely and said I needed a new one if I ever planned to do a ride like that again.

With that in mind, we spotted these two Giants in Torpedo 7 in the sale a few weeks ago. Nothing flash, but with a front suspension and disk brakes, they are somewhat better than my trusty rickety reebok for a start!

I was quite excited to try a proper mountain bike actually, we chose an easy trail for starters. Plus, hubby Mark isn’t a cyclist really so we needed to go easy on him! (Well, it would be his ass that would be out of practice!)

The round the mountains cycle trail has only just opened last November, so we decided we would start there. We started at Lumsden and headed towards Five Rivers, planning to head onwards from there towards Athol.

The trail is a cinder path through farm land. Apart from the odd bridge, river and some cut outs, it’s flat straight trail, not all that inspiring actually. The surrounding scenery is beautiful as always, but the Clutha Rail Trail was a lot more scenic. We got to Five Rivers in good time and stopped for a coffee. We have never been into this cafe, despite having driven past along the main road to Queenstown many many times. It was a lovely little spot. We decided to continue on towards Athol, another 19km. After 6km or so of riding, we hanged our mind. Poor Mark’s butt wasn’t used to this cycle seat thing, although his legs and heart were just fine! So we turned back. Our return journey was way faster. I think the pancakes and shared muffin fuel in the Five Rivers Cafe must have done the trick!

It was a thoroughly enjoyable ride, a nice easy place to start, and a great way to test out the bikes.

One final coffee and croissant refuel when we got back to the car (in our favourite Cafe 6) and we headed off home.

Lovely way to spend a Saturday.

Now we’re off out for dinner 🙂 Swim race in the morning!

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