Day 39: relaxation is key

Rest There comes a day in your week when all the squeezing stuff in catches up with you: well today was that day. Almost 12 hours sleep, solid, and I feel recharged. 


Breakfast: none
Lunch: Shared plate of nachos with mince
Dinner: ham and cheese omelette, yoghurt and fruit

Exercise: 30 min turbo

I know not having breakfast is not very responsible but I just haven’t felt hungry today. I had to force myself to have some of the nachos at lunchtime because I still wasn’t hungry, and did a 30 min turbo before tea in an effort to raise my appetite.

It’s been a day of doing today, including booking a holiday, which is very much overdue and I’m really looking forward to some relaxation. Well, I’ll try, although we made sure we were near a beach, had a hotel with a pool and a gym! 😉

We had a smoothie day off today, but have stocked up on smoothie ingredients with some spinach, which we are hoping isn’t as strong tasting as the kale, and some orange juice. It’s hard work to find good stuff here, most is laced with sugar, so just be careful when you’re buying it.

Hubby went for a run and I went to sit on the turbo because we both felt guilty after eating out last night!

Taking the new mountain bikes out for a ride tomorrow, so that should be exciting!

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