Day 31: Swim swim swim

Swimming pool Awful stormy day today- good for one thing only and that’s filling the water tank! (Sorry, two – and swimming INDOORS!)


Breakfast: egg muffins
Lunch: smoothie, flatbread and humous,
Dinner: home made cottage pie, 1/2 banana and natural yoghurt

Exercise: 45 min swim (savoury scone post swim refuel)

Today was hibernation weather, as the predicted storm didn’t pass as fast as they traditionally do, leaving torrential rain and gale force winds all day. So, there was only one thing for it: indoor training. Since I did a turbo yesterday and have only just gotten rid of my DOMS, I decided to swim today – I missed the swim earlier in the week.

I had no agenda, I was using it as a purely de-stress session and decided to simply swim.

The schools are back so the pool wasn’t its traditional quiet self any more. I joined a man in a lane at the deep end of the bulk head. He was going slightly faster than me, which didn’t really worry me. It enabled me to focus on the stroke, and try pulling just a little more than I would normally. I need to stretch the pace some, and am still working on developing my ‘mooch’.

I stopped when I felt like I had had enough, I had covered 90 lengths. The lap pace average was up a couple of seconds on my norm. Super 😀

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