Day 30: maximising spare time

Stir fry Today I got up feeling decidedly average. I think a couple of days of battles and had work  has taken it out of me. I found myself tired mid morning today. Oops Mel, you need to eat more. 


Breakfast: banana
Lunch: scrambled egg and ham. Handful dates and an apple
Dinner: stir fry beef with vegetable ps and Udon noodles, fruit salad

Exercise: 30 minute turbo

The error is blindingly obvious. The eggs were breakfast, but. Didn’t get to eat them till lunch. Oopsie.

I squashed in some important business meetings today, some vital study, a chat to the Red Cross about my first aid certificate and still had time for a 30 minute turbo. 30 mins of the sufferfest violator, which always kills me at the best of times!

To be honest I think I tried to squash too much in, but at the same time, I am feeling rather accomplished that I got all that done today: last da of my working week tomorrow then I get my car back, dent free at last, and no cost to me!

The weather isn’t looking too flash for my weekend regatta to be honest. Will just have to wait and see. Gosh, it’s been windy today. I’m surprised there hasn’t been any trees come down in our garden,

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