Day 29: Teacher teacher

Swim analysisToday I didn’t get any training done, because instead I had my coaches hat on. I do enjoy coaching, and the satisfaction that comes with helping someone improve.


Breakfast: fruit smoothie
Lunch: small piece home made bacon and egg pie, handful dates & apple
Dinner: Salmon and salad, fruit salad and yoghurt

I went to the pool to teach a client swim technique. We started with a swim analysis, using a GoPro for underwater footage. What a fabulous tool. And easy to use, instant feedback and a full video analysis using coach’s eye before the end of the evening.

Visual tools are always useful for feedback, and to help people learn. Inside an hour were able, with the help of the video footage, to correct a multitude of things, and aid understanding as to why the things that a coach instructs are in fact more effective. If you’re anything like me, it’s all well and good telling me something, or even showing me, but if I cannot compare that to myself and know WHY, then it’s not much use!

Successful and enjoyable hour at the pool, even if I only actually swum 4 lengths myself!

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