Teachers change lives: Walshaw Pram pushers!

My school years are memorable, and not necessarily for positive reasons! I have several memories of teachers who made an impact on my life, negative, dramatic, making me much more determined! From eccentric to the terrifying here’s a small run down!

Eccentric music

I had two music teachers at school. They were both quite contrasting. One was really eccentric and female, while the other was tall and thin, male and would sit and play for hours while we had to listen. The ‘never to forget’ moment was when he keeled over and fell off his piano stools hen didn’t move or speak. We just didn’t have a clue what to do!

Frightening maths

My maths teacher was truly terrifying! He would scare the answers out of you, smashed rulers on desks regularly and woe betide anyone who dared to ask a question! Perhaps that’s why I don’t like maths!

Nasty Art

My art teacher thought I was really rubbish and would actually tell me so. I got away with all sorts of failings because she simply couldn’t be assed to teach me how to do things properly!

Mean assed PE!

It’s interesting to think of the teacher that I had for PE, considering where I have ended up now: coaching and personal training. My PE teacher was young and female. She knew I hated PE, so would give me all the mean nasty jobs. In hockey I would be stuck in the goals, standing at the top of the field and freezing my ass off, bored to tears is a vivid winter PE memory.

I think the game changer for me and PE was when I broke my wrist while roller skating with the girl guides. When I went to the hospital they didn’t see the break. My PE teacher didn’t believe me that it was broken and continued to make me throw shot putt and javelin, then shouted when I didn’t do well. I wish I could tell her what I have done, that it represented my country and now coach athletes! Haha

Oh the joy of the school years, hey!! Such a charming title, my all girls school had too, eh? Well, I didn’t even if some other did! (push prams that is!)

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