Serenity prayer inspiration

Serenity prayer This prayer speaks wise words – words that you do not have to be a church goer to appreciate and gain inspiration from. 

‘Accept things I cannot change’

All too often I see people who allow themselves to be stressed about things that are beyond their control. I am not saying we should all be soulless robots, but what is the point in stressing out about what someone else is doing / has done, for example? You cannot affect their behaviour. You can only change your own, so it’s wasted energy.

Don’t take on other peoples emotional baggage, only take on your own, things that you have direct control over.

Courage to change the things you can change

comfort-zoneWe all like a bit of security, right? But sometimes we surround ourselves with the familiar rather than the things we desire or want.

You will never achieve a different goal by constantly doing the same things. You will never gain what you don’t have, without sticking your neck out, taking a risk, and just going for it.

The wisdom to know the difference

Now the trick is to work out what you CAN influence or change, and what is beyond your control. After you work that out, you can set about either offloading the stress, or dealing with the challenge.

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