Day 28: gym bunny

Gym It’s fair to say that today hasn’t gone exactly as I thought. Still, I had a good visit to the gym and feel much better for it. 


Breakfast: Fruit smoothie
Lunch: Crackers and humous & an apple
Dinner: BBQ meats & wedges

Exercise: 45 min gym session

I eventually got to the gym today. Today I took Ben along. I wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing. I’m still not sure! In true competitive style, he worked his butt off to beat me. And he was triumphant too, except for the quad / hams! I pasted his ass on those by 25kg! (Feeling a tiny bit smug!)

We did however, learn one thing: when I said work to failure, he so was NOT doing this when working on his own up until now!

Sadly he won the ‘who can lift the whole stack’ leg press mini competition between us, but has a way to go before he can beat me on isolated leg weights machines!

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