Day 27: keeping it real

Orienteering My tourist guide duties continue, so orienteering was the only exercise I had time for today, which really was a 40min walk in long grass and sand dunes, in high humidity! 


Breakfast: scrambled eggs
Lunch: vegetable stack & a few fries with water
Dinner: home made bacon and egg pie and veg, small fruit and ice cream

Exercise: 40 min tramp in sand dunes

weight loss: none. 1/2lb gain (250g)

I’m not too phased about the gain, it’s only minimal. This week has been a lot more coaching than usual, the thing I do need to be careful of is the wee bad choices. It’s not ok to eat chips if you aren’t exercising as much Mel!

At the same time, you have to live, and not on lettuce leaves either! I’m still trying to be realistic at the same time, otherwise this will never work!

I feel good, some trousers are now loose, some I couldn’t get into, I now can. It’s all about inches lost, not weight, per se. Therefore I’m happy with the progress, it’s a big change (back!) but doesn’t feel hard. Plus I feel way way better for eating well.

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