Day 26: rowing, then oopsie

Monkey Island An action packed day of rowing, the role of tourist guide and some out of the ordinary eating habits!


Breakfast: banana
Lunch: wiener spicy sausage in 1/2 roll, ice cream
Dinner: wood fired fresh made chicken and apricot pizza, some fries

Exercise: 90 mins quads row in the river

I thought it had been too long since I had been to the masters rowing sessions so I went down to the club at their training time, with the purpose of going out in something other than a single. I was in a quad with the men, only one boat out today, there seems a lot less people at the sessions than this time last year. I’m also short of a women’s doubles partner that is a similar age to me. Any women out there in Invercargill fancy taking up rowing?

I must have already been out too many times on my own in succession. I found myself having to make a lot of adaptions. The guy in stroke seat as stroking faster than I would usually, the two guys in the seats 3 and 4 both had much shorter strokes than me. This meant that had to shorten my stroke too, to make sure that my blades were in and out of the water at the same time as everyone else’s. I also found sitting in a quad, in 2 seat a lot more dull. I am looking at the back of the guy in the next seat. Someone else steers, someone else sights, all I have to do is row. I do it all at once in a single, it’s much more ‘busy’.

I hadn’t realised how much I had grown to like a single. The thing with a single is weather affects it much more, and it is a lot more likely to be ‘blown off’ if the wind whips up. So it’s always useful to keep your skills up and stay very adaptable to all sizes of boats 🙂

The rest of my day was taken up whizz ing Ben around the local sights. Hence odd food patterns. Darn it, we should have done that tomorrow AFTER weigh day!

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